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Top 8 Best Waterproof Outdoor Storage Box in 2019

Our backyard’s are important to us. They hold everything from grills, pools, to fabulous gardens and water features. With all of that spectacular beauty, personality and potential, it needs a special ‘something’ to keep it nice, neat and tidy, and that special something is the outdoor, deck storage box. Surprisingly, there exists a great variety of deck boxes, so we’ve gathered together some great models so you can choose the best waterproof outdoor storage box for you.

These deck storage boxes are not your usual, everyday plastic storage container. They are made to endure the elements and do so without fading, cracking or peeling. They can be used to store anything from pool supplies to children’s toys. On top of all that, they can be used as extra seating in case you have a few more guests at the garden party, than you bargained for. Also, remember if you live in an area where your basement is prone to flooding or leaks, then we strongly recommend that you consider using these weather-resistant, waterproof storage boxes to store your valuables indoors.

Checkout the Best Waterproof Outdoor Storage Boxes in 2019

8. Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture 150 Gal

Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture 150 Gal
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The Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container is the perfect solution when it comes to keeping your outdoor environment neat and orderly. This is a durable, ventilated, tough and well-made, weather-resistant, 150 capacity gallon storage bin that is large enough to handle anything from toys, pool supplies, gardening equipment or outdoor party supplies. Made from polypropylene resin, this storage box is 61 inches in length, 28.5 inches wide and 25.3 inches high and has a weight capacity 660 pounds, and can provide extra seating for up to 2 adults. Easy access is provided by an automatic opening/closing mechanism.

Product Features

  • Ventilated, durable, weather-resistant
  • Large, 150 gallon capacity
  • Made from tough, polypropolene resin
  • Weight capacity of 660 pounds, can seat 2 people

Best Seller Products

Bestseller No. 1
Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box Outdoor Patio Garden Furniture 150 Gal,...
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 61 in. L x 28. 5 in. W x 25. 4 in. H; INTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 56 in. L x 24. 6 in. W x 22. 8 in. H
Bestseller No. 2
Keter Eden 70 Gallon Storage Bench Deck Box for Patio Decor and Outdoor Seating,...
DIMENSIONS: 54. 6 in. L x 23. 4 in. W x 32. 8 in. H; STORAGE CAPACITY: 70 gallons; WEIGHT CAPACITY: 771 pounds
SaleBestseller No. 3
Keter Borneo 110 Gallon Resin Outdoor Storage Bench and Deck Box for Patio Furniture,...
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 51 inches x 27. 6 inches x 24. 6 inches; LARGE STORAGE: 110 gallon capacity
SaleBestseller No. 4
Keter Novel 90 Gallon Resin Outdoor Storage Box for Patio Furniture Cushions, 90-Gallon,...
DIMENSIONS: 49. 2" L x 21. 6" W x 24. 8" H; LARGE STORAGE: Storage capacity: 90 gallons; RESIN CONSTRUCTION: Made from polypropylene resin plastic to ensure its durability
SaleBestseller No. 5
Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box, 130 Gallon, Desert Sand/Brown
Interior capacity is 130 gallons or 16.4 cubic feet; Inside dimensions are 57 inches long by 20.75 inches wide by 23.75 inches high

7. Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Outdoor Resin Garden Patio Storage Furniture Deck Box

Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Outdoor Resin Garden Patio Storage Furniture Deck Box
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For on deck storage as well as extra seating, you can’t go wrong with the Keter Brightwood, 120 Gallon Outdoor Resin Garden Patio Storage Deck Box. Made from recyclable, UV resistant polypropylene, the Brightwood storage box is made to handle weather from all seasons, and retain it’s stylish looks and color. Built to last, the Brightwood can easily store up to 120 gallons of toys, games, cushions, pool toys or deck cleaning equipment. It also provides extra seating, if you so require it. A convenient, automatic opening mechanism makes operating it a simple affair. This easy to assemble, lockable deck storage box comes in a wood texture, so it blends in naturally with your deck. This deck box measures 57 incles long, 27.5 inches wide and 23.7 inches tall.

Product Features

  • Can be used for extra seating
  • Large, 120 gallon capacity
  • Made from recyclable, UV resistant polypropylene
  • Automatic opening mechanism

6. Suncast DBW9200 Mocha Resin Wicker Deck Box, 99-Gallon

Suncast DBW9200 Mocha Resin Wicker Deck Box, 99-Gallon
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When you purchase this easy to assemble, durable deck storage box by Suncast, you’ll be adding some much needed extra storage space. With 99 gallons of space, this polypropylene resin deck box comes with a stylish, natural looking wicker exterior. Use it to store any outdoor items from outdoor grilling supplies to children’s toys. This 99 gallon, or 13.23 cubic foot storage deck box measures 50 inches long, 25.5 inches high and 25.5 inches deep. This lockable, weather resistant, weighs in at 32 pounds and resists fading and chipping.

Product Features

  • Easy to assemble, weather-resistant
  • Durable polypropylene resin
  • Attractive, wicker-type exterior
  • Lockable lid

5. Suncast DB10300 Patio Storage Box, 103 Gallons

Suncast DB10300 Patio Storage Box, 103 Gallons
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For those of you who are in the market for a deck storage box that you can easily move from one area of your deck to another, then meet the Suncast Patio, 103 Gallon Deck Storage Box. This box not only has a nice size capacity of 103 gallons, but it comes with integrated handles, along with wheels so you can move it around from one area of your deck to another. This comes in very handy when it’s time to clean the deck, or even to move it to one side if you need to sweep or shovel away snow. Not only that, you can use it to store and tote your gardening tools to where you need them. made from durable, weather-resistant resin, this box will be able to keep your items clean and dry throughout the year. The Suncast Patio Deck Storage Box is 56.5 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 24 inches tall.

Product Features

  • 103 gallon capacity
  • Comes with wheels and integrated handles
  • Made from durable, weather-resistant resin
  • Designed to be mobile, easy to transport

4. Lifetime 60298 Heavy Duty Outdoor Storage Deck Box, 130

Lifetime 60298 Heavy Duty Outdoor Storage Deck Box, 130
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Lifetime has designed an attractive, outdoor deck storage box to accent your yard, patio, or even for use in indoor storage. This is a weather-resistant storage box that comes with a water-resistant seal, for that extra bit of protection you need. Easy to assemble, this deck storage box has been made with weather-resistant hinges, easy to use handles and a lockable lid. Constructed with durable “Rigid Dual Wall High Density Polyethylene”, or HDPE, it is UV resistant so won’t fade or crack due to sun exposure. This box has a 900 pound weight bearing capacity, so you can add a few comfortable cushions, and use it for additional seating during garden or pool parties. As for dimensions, this box is 5 feet long, 2 feet wide and 2.5 inches tall.

Product Features

  • Lid comes with a weather-resistant seal and hinges
  • Easy to assemble
  • Made from Rigid Dual Wall, High Density Polyethylene
  • 900 pound weight bearing capacity, can be used for extra seating

3. Keter Eden 70 Gallon All Weather Outdoor Patio Storage

Keter Eden 70 Gallon All Weather Outdoor Patio Storage
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The Keter Eden 70 Gallon All-Weather Outdoor Patio Storage Bench is not only functional, but attractive enough to not only blend in with your patio furniture, but also use indoors. if you have an area of the basement, for instance, that is prone to leaks, a couple of these affordable, water resistant storage benches could easily be utilized to protect your important keepsakes in case of a flood or heavy leakage. Simply assemble them, fill them up with keepsakes and toss on a few cushions, and you’re good to go! Features of this 54-3/5 inch long, 23-2/5 inch deep, 33 inch tall deck box include 70 gallons or 9.36 cubic feet of storage, durable resin construction, UV resistant, and lockable lid.

Product Features

  • Stylish bench design
  • Can be used indoors or out
  • 70 gallon capacity, or 9.36 cubic feet
  • Durable resin build, UV-resistant, lockable lid

2. PATIOROMA Outdoor Patio Wicker Storage Deck Box & Garden Bench

PATIOROMA Outdoor Patio Wicker Storage Deck Box &
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The outdoor storage deck box with hinged lid by Patioroma will definitely add that touch of class and sophistication to your patio deck. Constructed from weather resistant hand wove wicker, this is perfect for the homeowner who prefers to shy away from plastic boxes. While the outside is hand-woven PE wicker, the interior contains a protective, removable interior lining which protects your belongings. For added strength and stability, this box comes with a durable, powder-coated aluminum frame. This prevents your wicker deck box from unsightly sagging. This deck storage box measures 51.2 inches long, 20.5 inches wide and 31.5 inches high.

Product Features

  • Sophisticated design, hinged lid
  • Hand-woven PE wicker exterior
  • Aluminum frame to prevent sagging
  • Protective, removable interior lining

1. Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway

Suncast Outdoor Trash Hideaway
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If you are in the market for an outdoor trash bin to store all of your leaves, grilling and outdoor party trash, then this Outdoor Trash Hideaway by Suncast can fit the bill. Affordable, attractive, and easy to use, this outdoor trash bin will blend in nicely with your outdoor environment. It is built to hold your everyday, 30 to 33 gallon trash bags, has a solid, bottom panel, and a lid which latches shut. This trash bin measures 15-3/4 inches wide, 16 inches deep and 31-5/8 inches in height. This easy to assemble trash bin is made from durable resin, but is not completely water tight, so it might not be a good idea to use it to store important, outdoor items. You can also use this indoors if you have inquisitive pets that like to get into the trash from time to time.

Product Features

  • Stylish outdoor trash bin, can be used indoors
  • Holds standard, 30 to 33 gallon trash bags
  • Lid latches shut
  • Made from durable resin


It’s our hope that you’ve found just what you were looking for in our review for the best waterproof outdoor storage box. Simply keep in mind the basics when shopping for one. For instance, pay close attention to the size, and what you plan on using it for. Do you want one that locks, has a wicker exterior or plastic, or looks like a bench? Shop smart, and we know you’ll find the best outdoor deck storage box for you.

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